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POLYFUSION AM: in the fight against viruses and bacteria, IBIX focuses on coatings.
IBIX thermoplastic coatings have always proven effective in the anti-corrosive protection of metal and concrete surfaces.

Atmospheric agents, pollution, general corrosion, frequent use, maritime environments are all factors against which IBIX coatings have always shown excellent performance.
Thanks to the antimicrobial version POLYFUSION AM, IBIX is now able to offer a solution combining the high resistance and life expectancy of thermoplastic coatings with the incredible strength of silver ions in the protection against microbes and bacteria.
  • Is effective against a wide range of microbes: bacteria, mold, fungus and even viruses, even on a contaminated surface in support.
  • Reduces the presence of bacteria and diffused microorganisms up to 99.9999%, such as methicillin-resistant MRSA - Stafilococcus aureus, E-coli, Salmonella, Bacillus Suptilis, etc.
  • Does not contain Biocides: protection is guaranteed by the silver ion nanotechnology.
  • Long time protection: provides a barrier effect against microbes with a PERMANENT shelf life.
  • Does perfectly stand the substances contained in the most common sanitizing agents and sanitizing products (including sodium hypochlorite; acetic acid; ethyl acid with quaternary salts; etc.).
  • It is 100% eco-friendly and approved for contact with food.

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