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Portable Flame Spray Coating Equipment 4.0


Sistema di Controllo IBIX


Industry 4.0 is the process that defines the fourth industrial revolution, which is leading to the automation of processes and production through web and virtual interconnection systems, in order to enhance:
  • Data usage: 
    •  Increased computing power of the machines; 
    •  Greater connectivity, for better storage and transmission of the information. 
  • Analysis of the collected data. 
  • Interaction between man and machine. 
  • Improvement of the transition from digital data to real operation. 
Schema cloud IBIX

Industry 4.0 supply

Industry 4.0 is not just about digital equipment. In addition to the IBIX Systems integrating Hardware 4.0 (  electrical panel with electronic cart, modem, IBIX Upgrade with the addition of digital valves), the 4.0 project contemplates  the upstream implementation of the digital infrastructure.

Whats are the requirements of a 4.0 System

  • Transmission and management of IN & OUT Data
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Cloud installatioin
  • IoT Services (internet of things)
  • Dedicated Data Base, Software and App with automatic upgrade systems and updating of the parameters for the use of the machines.
Sistema di Controllo IBIX


ibixconnect.ibix.it stands for the IBIX Cloud IOT (Internet of Things) service and provides for the Internet connection of various technologies. These products are intelligent and able to exchange data over wireless networks in an automatic and transparent way for the user. IBIX FS 4.0 system belongs to the IBIX IOT product category and exchanges order data with the ibixconnect.ibix.it Cloud service.
Every owner of an IBIX FS 4.0 system can register for the IBIX Cloud IOT service.

Specific features of the several units IBIX FLAME SPRAY INDUSTRY VERSION 4.0


pneumatic supply + single phase power supply.


modem + SIM Data for working on-site (no LAN line).

IBIX Flame Spray

IBIX FLAME SPRAY system fitted with electrical panel with electronic card and modem for interconnection.

Control Device

The IBIX FS 4.0 equipment will receive the recipe / order data from the company computer or tablet *.

* N.B .: if a data is not entered, the system will NOT get stuck

Termometro Sonda IBIX

All IBIX FS 4.0 models come supplied with the following 

A contact probe for detecting the pre-heating T° of the substrate to be coated with storage of the last measured value. 
In addition, the machine includes an infrared thermometer  to be used during the flame spray application of thermoplastic powder. 


IBIX FS 4.0 is fitted with a WiFi Access Point. Each IBIX FS 4.0 machine can be managed using a web interface accessible from devices with WiFi connection: smartphone, tablet, PC. Once connected, you can access the control interface through the web.
From the panel it is possible to check all the processing data, such as:  

Controls and transmissible Data

  • Remote controlled on / off Sending of "recipe - work order" with some project data:
    • Date 
    • Name / definition of the project 
    • Name of the client 
    • Surface type: metal or non-metal (concrete, ceramic, fiberglass, other) 
    • Type of powder to use 
    • Use of primer? YES - NO 
    • Thickness of the coating according to specifications 
    • Sq meters to be covered 

Data forwarded from the machine to the CLOUD

  • Work start time 
  • Work end time 
  • Processing time 
  • Number of stops 
  • Substrate temperature prior to the coating cycle 
  • Pre-heating temperature / s detected 
  • Last pre-heating temperature detected 

Data previously entered manually by the operator:

  • Thickness of the coating performed 
  • Kg of primer used 
  • Kg of powder used 
  • Kg of gas used 

Further data transmitted from the device to the Cloud and downloadable from the company computer

  • Gas flow adjustment / setting from smartphone 
  • Adjustment / setting of operating air pressure 
  • Gas flow value during processing 
  • Air pressure value during processing 
  • Geo-location of the machine 
  • Notes (short text of 120 characters) 

By consulting the database, you will also see the following values:

  • Total number of starts / stops 
  • Total working time of the machine 


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