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Pipe Off-Shore

The most performing thermoplastic powder coating for marine and offshore structures

Compared to alternative coating solutions, PHC PLUS provides several advantages, such as:

Reduced maintenance costs and extended service life

  • Superior corrosion resistance, UV & salt spray resistance (C5-M high according to ISO 12944-6 and C5-M according to ISO 20340) 
  • Impermeable barrier even in permanent immersion or condensation 
  • Suitable for extreme climate conditions: from -60 °C to +75 °C 
  • Durable adhesion to steel, even in hot water 
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most kinds of water 
  • Reduced bacterial growth and fouling 
  • Superior resistance to cavitation and abrasion 
  • Reduced friction of water flow, reducing pressure drop 
  • Outstanding impact resistance 
  • Excellent color stability over time

Ease of application

  • Safe and quick to apply 
  • Can be used for both internal and external coating 
  • No curing process required 
  • No primer needed on metals 
  • No volatile organic compounds, heavy metals or phthalates 
  • Always possible to apply repairs or touch-ups

PHC PLUS is the ideal solution for the following markets:

  • Offshore or marine infrastructure 
  • Suction pipes and other piping on dredging boats 
  • Railings, valves and fittings 
  • Structures exposed to marine environments 
  • Immersed metallic structures or structures in splash zone 
  • Port infrastructure 
  • Drinking/Waste water applications: pipe, fittings and valves

PHL PLUS, Best in class corrosion protection

  • External corrosion test certificates on grit-blasted steel
    • ISO 12944-6 C5M & Im3 High : >15 years when damaged, most corrosive environments 
    • ISO 20340 (Offshore): cyclic corrosion test part of Norsok M-501 
  • BAW Im2 & Im3 
  • Potable water approvals

NSF certified


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