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Thermoplastic coating PPA665 PPA665XL

Thermoplastic coatings for lining the inside of fire extinguishers

Plascoat PPA 665 and PPA 665XL have been specifically developed to coat the inside of liquid-filled fire extinguishers. 

Plascoat PPA 665

Plascoat PPA 665 is a polyolefin-based alloy with excellent resistance to aqueous environments, including the foaming agent AFFF.

It has been manufactured for over 20 years and it is currently supplied to all the major fire extinguisher manufacturers and commonly accepted as the standard in Europe. It is applied by the rotational lining process using a spin coater. When correctly applied, the coating gives excellent adhesion without the need for a separate priming coat. However, phosphating the inside of the cylinder will enhance the long-term corrosion resistance. A minimum preheat metal temperature of 280-300°C is required for optimal adhesion. Providing the coating has cured completely, it will not be affected by the subsequent process of external cylinder coating using conventional thermosetting powders.

IBIX designs and manufactures automatic inner rotational lining equipment for portable fire extinguisher cylinders for lining cylinders.

Plascoat PPA 665XL

Plascoat PPA 665XL was developed more recently to make the application process even easier and quicker and to allow a new application method of spray lining to be used. PPA 665XL can also still be applied by the standard spin coating method.

Plascoat PPA 665XL delivers the same performance as PPA 665 with additional application benefits included:
  • Best service life; 
  • Wide coating window; 
  • Easy to achieve good coating integrity; 
  • Resistance to AFFF's; 
  • Long-term adhesion and protection of the metal; 
  • Conformity to requirements of EN3; 
  • Coating powders that can be applied by Spin coating (roto-lining) or Spray lining methods.
IBIX designs and manufactures automatic inner spray lining equipment for portable fire extinguisher cylinders for lining cylinders.


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